Midwest Vein Institute
Midwest Vein Institute
1510 24th Avenue North,
Saint Cloud, MN 56303
Phone:(320) 259-0208

Midwest Clinic of Dermatology and Midwest Vein Institute is a private practice serving patients in 2 locations; St. Cloud and Alexandria. Daniel K. Elieff M.D. founded Midwest Clinic in 1995 and is a board certified dermatologist, Moh's Surgeon and a member of the College of Phlebology. Dr. Elieff, specializes in the treatment and removal of skin cancers with a technique called Moh's Micrographic Surgery. He also performs a complete array of leg vein removal including E.V.L.T. ( Endovenous Laser Therapy) Sclerotherapy, and Phlebectomies.

Lasers have become common tools in cosmetic practices around the world. Today lasers allow cosmetic surgeons to perform procedures that could only be dreamed of just a few years ago. Modern lasers are very specific instruments, each with its own purpose when it comes to treating skin problems or for rejuvenation.

Vascular lasers are used to treat those tiny red vessels on the nose and face. They can also be used to treat leg veins and certain vascular birthmarks such as port wine stains and hemangiomas.

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